How STEADFAST get started?

Steadfast is stable brewer that can count on consistent result. 'Stability' in coffee brewer means 'consistency' in coffee extraction. Consistency helps reflect the user's 'intention' .


Good coffee foundation that everybody can be easily accessible to.

Based on experience that controls variables on coffee extraction,

Plus, Scientific theory and data brought you by STEADFAST products.

Everybody can enjoy bold coffee taste with the coffee foundation hold by STEADFAST.


Story motivated by coffee

One day, new coffee shop opens nearby. People can swing by or visit for a coffee, and they get to know each other.

Shared a conversation. The conversation brings new idea. This new idea develops STEADFAST.

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Reason to choose STEADFAST Coffee Brewer


STEADFAST Coffee Brewer combines material such as stainless steel and real leather to solve scientifically contradictory phenomena, although essential to making coffee delicious and constant.

When making coffee, the target temperature should be reached quickly, but the target temperature should keep constant.

However, metal cools down quickly as the temperature rises, and glass or ceramic requires too much energy and time to reach the target temperature due to high specific heat.

As the leather containing the insulation wraps around metal, the temperature is quickly reached and the temperature once reached keep constant.

Pocket type

Why is STEADFAST Coffee Brewer pocket type?

This is because the pocket type is the most stable of coffee extraction.

However, with stainless steel, pocket type brewer that is higher than certain height could not be manufactured.

We are proud that STEADFAST Coffee Brewer is the world's first pocket type brewer with stainless steel.

Capillarity ridge

STEADFAST Coffee Brewer's interior ridges are based on capillarity. 

32 ridges that get thicker as they go downward pull the water through the brewer faster than gravity alone could.

Precise nozzle and slope

Precise nozzle and a slope enable an ideal flow from brewer to cup.

Portable, Durable, Eco-friendly and User-friendly

Eco-friendly product that add value to the product with durability and lifetime use.

The magnet is inside. It is easy to detach and clean.


We even drink with our eyes, too.

The combination of metal and leather gives a beauty that no brewers can match.

Making coffee process is easy and beautiful and the taste is excellent.


Paper filter

A. Pocket type filter such as kalita, melitta and cafec can be used.


Using a white filter(you can feel the coffee taste cleaner than a brown filter)

Using two or more size filters such as 102 and 1x2

If you fold filter twice as wide and the support of the corner is shaped, a spece between the hole and the surface of filter can be made to prevent chocking.

see Paper Filter

Food safety

A. SUS304 is the best safe option when it comes to use with food and beverage, 

as there are no chemicals that can migrate into your food from the brewer.

Water on a leather sleeve? / Scratch on a leather sleeve?

A. Leather is not coated so it may leave marks if water touches it.

However, unlike coated leather, it is a solid material that dries easily even when wet and does not wear out easily.

And the more you use it, the darker the color becomes and the more glossy it becomes, the more stylish it becomes. As time goes by, it will add its beautiful value.

Before purchasing, please refer to it. 

Due to the feature of natural leather, there may be scratches, wrinkles and spots on the surface.

This is a feature of natural leather, not a defect in the production process or a defect in the manufacturing process.

Do I have to use a leather sleeve with brewer?

A. You can use it without a leather sleeve. 

Be careful, however, that the brewer can be very hot!

And if you want a perfect cup of coffee, we recommend using a leather sleeve together.

What's difference between V1 and V2?

A. The basics of STEADFAST have never changed.

The stability of making coffee, the clarity of flavor, the precision and solidity, and the beauty.

Brown color is the steadfast V1, black color is the steadfast V2.

V1 is focused on sweetness and body.

V2 is focused on juicy and layered flavor.

To this end, V2 changed the hole size, ridge thickness, and slope.

see V1 and V2